The Aroma Range is British Home Fragrance at its Best and is Exclusive to The Giftorium.


Each product in the range contains the Finest Quality Botanicals and Fragrances to make your Home Smell Amazing.


Our Burner & Refresher Oil can be used both a Fragrance Oil to use with an Oil Burner or as a Fragrance Refresher on Pot Pourri, Drawer Liners, Drawer Sachets or Scented Pillows.


Lilac & Lavender gives you all the wonderful sweet, woody undertones of relaxing, calming lavender but with the appealing fresh, floral top notes of beautiful lilac creating a fresh, clean and balanced fragrance.


Size - 10ml


For Burners: Add a couple of drops of water to the oil and then heat.


Avoid Contact with Painted/Polished Surfaces, as Fragrant Oils can damage.

Keep Away from Children and Pets.

If Oil comes into Contact with Eyes, Wash with Cold Water and Consult a Doctor.

Aroma Lilac & Lavender Burner & Refresher Oil